Main instructor

Studying nature failed in childhood, first focusing on medicinal plants and their application in practice, and later on the Indian way of life and finally to extreme survival, which deals with the present. As a child passed as the pioneer section and the scouts, which in their place of residence and co-founder. His hobby eventually led to service in the Army, where he served as the airborne units and in several foreign missions.

Dutch is a member ČsOL and JHA, ten years took care of war veterans, graduated from climbing courses, hygiene, first aid in combat, survival, SAS, CQB, close combats, parachuting course and psychology of survival in extreme conditions. He lectures at elementary, middle and high schools about the mission and history of Czechoslovak legions as well as in survival in the wild.

His hobbies completed all his free time, among them a sport, history, travel, culture, hunting and especially his family, which consists of three kids and a tolerant wife.



Amar is the theory and practice of survival in extreme situations dedicated for 20 years, first as his only hobby, the last 5 years as their profession. The experience gained passes not only professionals but also for the general public. He specializes in real struggle for life, but can pass on their knowledge to children and young people in primary and secondary schools. Does attestation as a medic in extreme situations CQB course and survival courses abroad.